Setting up your install

For most people, the standard pack is the best way to get started - but not always. If you’re on OSX or Linux, or have some other reason to avoid the preset walkthrough pack, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Dwarf Fortress
  2. DFHack
  3. A graphics pack
  4. The save file from the standard pack (yep, download it anyway!)

The easiest way to get all this working is usually via a Starter Pack, which are also suitable for more advanced players (eg if you want to dive into the tutorials or even a masterclass).

Just add this file to your DF folder; it configures DFHack to automate away many of the worst pain points for new players.

Instructions for how to set up all of the components individually are beyond the scope of this quick guide, so check the link for each and experiment if anything is unclear.