PeridexisErrant’s DF Walkthrough

The learning curve for Dwarf Fortress has been described as a spiked overhang - but many of us have fought our way up, and have more fun than any other game around. This walkthrough, along with the DF Starter Pack, are my attempts to dangle a rope down, as the community first did for me years ago.

The Walkthrough

Dwarf Fortress is a rare game: every time you start a new game, an entire world is created anew - everything from geology and weather, to the patterns of trade in wheat and wars between jealous kings. The fact that there is no script, no standard storyline that every player goes through, makes a traditional game walkthrough impossible.

Instead this is more like a tutorial campaign in a strategy game - right down to playing on the same map, if you download the suggested package. You’re free to follow along exactly, but also encouraged to experiment (and maybe back up your save occasionally).

Remember as you play that no matter how skilled you become, without a winning condition your fortress will inevitably fail - then pick yourself up, reflect on what you learnt, and recite the motto: Losing is Fun!


The walkthrough covers the topics you’ll need in every fortress, in just enough detail to get you started. After that, it’s your decision what to focus on - the options are endless, from beekeeping to soap-making to digging too deep, or learning to make and install mods.

Each tutorial is a short, self-contained introduction to a topic which is likely to be of interest to players who have just finished the walkthrough. And if you’re most interested in somthing not listed here, the wiki and the Bay12 Forums will be your best friends.


A masterclass is a tutorial on an advanced topic, aimed at experienced players. You’ll be taken through some of the most difficult challenges DF offers, and see how an expert does things.


The source text and images are hosted on Github and the finished site is published immediately to every time a change is pushed.

This project was inspired by TinyPirate’s DF tutorials, which taught me to play DF. The walkthrough started as an update of these tutorials. Other content is original or (for some tutorials and most masterclasses) links back to the primary source.

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